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How each consultation is structured

In our initial consultation I spend up to 90 minutes with you. During this time, I deep dive into your health history along with investigating all aspects of your diet and lifestyle habits. If you have submitted any lab work you have previously had done, I will discuss my interpretation of your results with you. If I feel you require further testing, such as blood work or functional testing, I will explain the testing I have suggested and my rationale for my recommendations. A plan of action is set and your initial protocol, including any herbal preparations, compounded supplements or pre formulated products will be discussed with you.

An extended follow up consultation is up to 90 minutes in duration. These appointments are for interpreting functional test results for those who have had testing recommended in the initial consultation. Functional test results contain a large amount of data, so extended time is needed to explain your results to you. We also go over any protocol adjustments now your test results are in.

These appointments are up to 45 minutes in duration and are for existing clients only. These are a check in to discuss your progress in the time since your initial appointment extended follow up appointment. We make any adjustments to your protocol and lifestyle recommendations as needed. These appointments are designed to keep you on track to your health goals and to ensure your protocol is adjusted as your health improves.

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